Hint #3

What’s the ideal thickness for a DVD case? Some cases, like our standard DVD case Model DVD-001, are 14mm in the spine; some are 7mm slim like our Model DVD-SLIM; some – holding larger quantities of discs – are 25mm deep, like DVD-008

Which size is best? The answer is that all have their place in a library – whichever suits your situation best will be the one you love for now!

DVD cases are like children! If you’re a parent, all your children are equally lovely and cherished. But at various times, you know one child needs more attention than the others. So it is with DVD cases. But they each have their place (whew – that’s waxing rather too lyrically for a simple DVD case – oh well – I trust you get the idea!?)

7mm Slim cases are perfect for libraries who want to save space. But 14mm standard DVD cases are better for libraries who want their cases to ‘stand on their own’. And then, if holding 6,7,8,9 or 10 DVDs is the major issue, a 25mm case will be what suits best.

Recently, a TAFE librarian in SA asked about the difference during a visit by SoundPack’s Jeff Baldock. ‘I want a DVD case that will not fall over when it stands on its edge. But what is the measurement I need?’

Well, 7mm Slim DVD cases are too narrow to stand up on edge. But they are extremely popular with Public Libraries, especially those who have lots of titles and for whom space is the major issue. 14mm Standard DVD cases (clear or black) are suited to the TAFE SA Acquisitions person who wanted a case that took a standard printed insert, while standing on edge in shelving and display.

Similarly, some of our DVD cases – like Model DVD-006SA and DVD-006B can hold 6 discs in a 14mm case, but these are not as hardy as Models DVD-006.

Here’s a list of spine sizes and some of our DVD cases

14mm; DVD-001, DVD-002, DVD-003, DVD-004 DVD-005SB, DVD-006SA, DVD-006SB

7mm; DVD-SLIM, DVD SLIM Double

25mm: DVD-005, DVD-006, DVD-007, DVD-008, DVD-009, DVD-010

See them all at http://soundpack.com.au/category/products/bluray_dvd_cd/

If you have questions about storage problems for discs (single, double, triple, quad, 5up, 6up DVD cases or audio book folders), please drop us an email sales@soundpack.com.au and we’ll answer your question personally, as well as probably blog our answer in case someone else is helped.

Published October 15, 2012