New PHC-20 hardy, sturdy polypropylene multi disc folder, holding 4-20 discs, is being introduced to the South West of Western Australia this coming week by SoundPack Solutions’ Jeff and Denise Baldock.

Libraries (Public, TAFE and University) in the beautiful south west will each receive a sample PHC-20 folder. Then, after calling on library clients, Jeff and Denise will in turn partake of their own samples – world-renowned wines; chocolate; cheese; award winning food. That seems like a fair trade of samples – and someone has to do it!!

And we’ll make sure no wine or chocolate gets spilled on the PHC-20 samples, because they are a thing of beauty in their own right.

Model PHC-20 is the latest edition to the range of multi disc folders. It’s fast becoming very popular with libraries because it can withstand the rigours of library use, so is being recognised as very good value for money.

Published October 18, 2012