Hint #5

From a young child, a vivid memory still lingers of my maternal grandmother – a stern, sometimes scary, but always loving woman – encouraging my teenage sisters to ‘Cover your legs dear’ as they sat on her couch in short skirts with crossed legs.

‘Aren’t you cold?’ she would say, amazed at the amount of flesh being revealed.

Then, my mother’s exasperated cry ‘Have you left your school jumper behind at school again?!’ impressed on me to never be the same with my children.

Yet sure enough, as time went by, and children and now grand-children have come and grown, the same sorts of comments exude from our mouths. ‘Don’t forget to take a jumper’; ‘Please, please, remember to tighten the top on your water bottle lid before you bring it home in your school bag!’ ‘Did you take your library book back to school?’

All exhortations made with the best of motives, but mostly a bit ‘naggy’ in the delivery.

So, at the risk of sounding like my grand mother and perhaps reminding you of a painful child memory, we say ‘Don’t Forget The Pockets’, which is Library Tip #5.

Multi-disc and talking book folder Models PHC-20, 1110, 1310, 1304, 1449, 1800, A5-R10 and A5-R20 all use double sided pockets to hold the discs. It surprises us how often orders are placed for these multi-disc presentation folders but the pockets (Model CD-010) are not included. Because the pockets come in packets of 100, it’s easy to reckon you’ll have enough on hand, but our experience prompts us to say –  ‘Don’t Forget the Pockets!’. At only $22.25 +GST for a packet of 100, the cost is minimal.

Published March 10, 2013