Library Hint #1

The old CD case, first designed by Philips many years ago, has proved a perennially difficult storage medium for libraries. The outer trays are brittle and not designed for hard wear & tear. A heavy book dropped in an After Hours Chute will be too much for the feeble CD case outer.

If you have CD cases with broken or shattered outer cases, why not try our Polypropylene Model CD-017? With its soft durable material (same as a DVD case) you can replace the outer casing only and clip the existing CD tray with its disc in the new outer housing – save some dollars & make your CD more durable

Or, if you prefer to buy the whole case, CD-016 (single CD case in clear polypropylene) or CD-019 (double CD case in clear PP) are readily available and are increasingly popular with libraries throughout Australia.

Published October 3, 2012