Football coaches preach it! Business coaches say ‘Pursue your gut feel’. Famous poet & thinker Alan Ginsberg said ‘First thought; best thought’.

Football coaches know that if you second-guess yourself in the spilt second available to make a decision, invariably you’ll make a poor decision that will cost you and your team.

Business coaches advise that, if we have a gut feeling about something that is core to our business – particularly regarding new product or business direction – it’s best to move and change as we go along. Proactivity is better for initiation than procrastination

Alan Ginsberg was a radical of the 1960 ‘Beat Group’ in New York. He is famous for his adage that ‘First Thought; Best Thought’ better facilitated creative thought processes and writing, and was not bound by editing and ‘correctness’.

What’s that got to do with Blu-ray Cases? Well may you ask!

In the latter stages of our previous CD & DVD duplication business – just before we sold and changed our name to SoundPack Solutions to concentrate on packaging – Sony and other major disc manufacturers were spending millions on development of new technology for discs. Sony plumped for Blu-ray while a Toshiba conglomerate pursued HD DVD technology. In a battle remarkedly like the old VHS video versus Beta video tug of war, Sony’s Blu-ray triumphed.

But our first instinct  was that all that money spent would be ultimately and unfortunate – a modern version of the guy who continued to sell improved horse carriages while Henry Ford was introducing his T-Model Ford! We moved away from duplicating discs to provide packaging, expecting we would not need Blu-ray cases!

But then a few libraries asked for Blu-ray Cases and we weakened . Now, we’ve realised that our first gut feeling was correct. So we’re discontinuing our Blu-ray case range (BR-001 single case; BR-002 double case; BR-003 triple case and BR-004 quad case) once stock is sold. You can now buy at ‘Special Prices’  but HURRY WHILE STOCKS LAST

BR-001 Single – Qty 1-99 – $0.85; Qty 100+ $0.70

BR-002 Double – Qty 1-99 – $1.10; Qty 100+ $0.90

BR-003 Triple – SOLD OUT

BR-004 Quad – SOLD OUT

Prices are Plus GST & Freight

To place an order, email or phone us on 1800 818 133 and we’ll let you know if we still have stock….. but don’t think about it for too long!

Published April 23, 2013