The Australian Summer is hot – particularly here in Perth where we have had a record-breaking and exhausting long hot spell of weather

So using imagery that unnecessarily reminds people of the heat is probably not good customer interaction and marketing! We’d planned to use a headline like ‘Hot New Folder’ or ‘Australian Libraries Warm to New Case’ or ‘Sizzling Response to SoundPack Solutions New Polypropylene Disc Folder’

Instead we went for the simple headline above.

Like our friends below, the PHC-20 is not the sleekest or most visually appealing we’ve produced. But it does its job brilliantly. It’s hardy in all conditions, particularly heat, is tough and durable, and can handle any situation! Storing from 6 to 20 discs in double sided pockets (Model CD-010, available in packs of 100 pockets per packet), the PHC-20 is fast becoming the ‘cool-cat’ of Talking Book & Audio Book storage and CD and DVD presentation and storage

Libraries in every Australian Capital city have received a sample, as have country libraries. Want more information or prices?

Simply email sales@soundpack, or go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website, and fill in the Contact Email details. We’ll answer your query and send a Price List to you by return.

Published February 11, 2013