Recently, several cartons of CD cases and audio book storage folders went missing in-transit when our freight company of many years suddenly went into liquidation. The ramifications seemed small, but after two weeks of hassle, we finally managed to have the cartons of CD & DVD cases delivered to customers in South Australia, Victoria & NSW.

In between cries of frustration (ever dealt with a liquidator?!), we often found ourselves laughing rather than crying and were reminded of an old yarn

Here is it. Hope you like it – it’s an oldie but we reckon it’s still a goodie!

We’re the Hellarwee
David Livingstone was a late 18th Century English explorer who ventured into the deepest unknown parts of Africa. He discovered many new peoples, tribes and cultures. Perhaps the most surprising of them all was a group of people unknown even to neighbouring tribes.

It seems these people were extremely small (in ancient literature, people of this small stature were known as pygmies) and they lived in the deep, thick jungle of Central Africa. They had never seen another human being from outside their tribe because they couldn’t see through the thick foliage & jungle that enveloped them. They just wandered around endlessly and aimlessly, going about their business in complete isolation from the outside world.

Livingstone only discovered them because he heard their distant cry, almost like a war cry. From deep within the jungle they shouted

We’re the Hellarwee! We’re the Hellarwee!
Where the Hell are we?!
Where the Hell are we?!

Livingstone pushed through the pampas grass and the Hellarwee tribe became on one the great discoveries of his African journeys.

There are other versions of this story which name the tribe as the Fukarwee tribe, but our history research proves this is a more coarse version promulgated by scholars of lower quality and education.

All this to tell you that, as we struggled to firstly find our missing cartons then fought the Liquidators to have our property released, several times we were heard to shout

We’re the Hellarthay!
We’re the Hellarthay! – which tribe we believe may be related to the Hellarwee tribe.

Published June 8, 2012