Hint #4

A5-R10 and A5-R20 multi disc folders both hold A5 text, A5 book or printed material and have the same outer dimensions.

So what’s the difference? A5-R10 has a smaller ring binder capable of holding 1 to 10 discs; A5-R20 has a larger ring binder capable of holding up to 20 discs.

A5-R10 – holds an A5 book on inside LHS & up to 10 discs on double sided pockets (Model CD-010 – order separately) on its smaller ring binder. Note the smaller ring binder than on the A5-R20 photo below

A5-R20 – also holds up to 20 discs on its larger ring binder. Again double sided pockets (Model CD-010 – order separately) give the flexibility to store the number of discs you want, and an A5 book fits snugly and securely on the inside LHS.

For the presentation of discs, many of our non-library clients use these multi-disc folders for a classy looking package to include varying numbers of discs with A5 training material. The advantage is that the same printed outer slick fits both A5-R10 and A5-R20. Numbers of discs may vary for each training set, but printing costs of training books/material and outer slicks are reduced.

If you have never used these folders, why not consider them for awkward storage when an A5 book and multiple discs are needed.

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Published November 4, 2012