DVD Slimline DVD Case – Clear
With clear full wrap-around sleeve for printed insert

Quantity 5000+ – $0.25 (including Free Freight in Australia)
Quantity 1000- 4999 – $0.30
Quantity 200- 999 – $0.42
Quantity 100- 199 – $0.48

We have never before had a Discount Sale of a product line but we’ve been left with a large quantity of Model DVD Slim Single DVD cases, and need to reduce our stock. This is unique!

But how do we let everyone know without a manipulative sales pitch? There’s no ‘But wait there’s more!’; no ‘Buy one now for 5 easy payments and get another one absolutely free!’ Just a simple offer, made in the hope that DVD Slim single DVD case users might get a bargain and we move some stock.

Let us know if we can help!

Prices are Plus GST
Freight additional for all quantities except 5000+
For a freight quote, email sales@soundpack.com.au or phone 08 9249 4111

Published January 8, 2013