Blu-ray Cases – The First Instinct is Usually Correct!

Football coaches preach it! Business coaches say ‘Pursue your gut feel’. Famous poet & thinker Alan Ginsberg said ‘First thought; best thought’.

Football coaches know that if you second-guess yourself in the spilt second available to make a decision, invariably you’ll make a poor decision that will cost you and your team.

Business coaches advise that, if we have a gut feeling about something that is core to our business – particularly regarding new product or business direction – it’s best to move and change as we go along. Proactivity is better for initiation than procrastination

Alan Ginsberg was a radical of the 1960 ‘Beat Group’ in New York. He is famous for his adage that ‘First Thought; Best Thought’ better facilitated creative thought processes and writing, and was not bound by editing and ‘correctness’.

What’s that got to do with Blu-ray Cases? Well may you ask!

In the latter stages of our previous CD & DVD duplication business – just before we sold and changed our name to SoundPack Solutions to concentrate on packaging – Sony and other major disc manufacturers were spending millions on development of new technology for discs. Sony plumped for Blu-ray while a Toshiba conglomerate pursued HD DVD technology. In a battle remarkedly like the old VHS video versus Beta video tug of war, Sony’s Blu-ray triumphed.

But our first instinct  was that all that money spent would be ultimately and unfortunate – a modern version of the guy who continued to sell improved horse carriages while Henry Ford was introducing his T-Model Ford! We moved away from duplicating discs to provide packaging, expecting we would not need Blu-ray cases! 

But then a few libraries asked for Blu-ray Cases and we weakened . Now, we’ve realised that our first gut feeling was correct. So we’re discontinuing our Blu-ray case range (BR-001 single case; BR-002 double case; BR-003 triple case and BR-004 quad case) once stock is sold. You can now buy at ‘Special Prices’  but HURRY WHILE STOCKS LAST   

BR-001 Single – Qty 1-99 – $0.85; Qty 100+ $0.70

BR-002 Double – Qty 1-99 – $1.10; Qty 100+ $0.90

BR-003 Triple – SOLD OUT

BR-004 Quad – SOLD OUT

Prices are Plus GST & Freight       

To place an order, email [email protected] or phone us on 1800 818 133 and we’ll let you know if we still have stock….. but don’t think about it for too long!


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Don’t Forget The Pockets!

Hint #5

From a young child, a vivid memory still lingers of my maternal grandmother – a stern, sometimes scary, but always loving woman – encouraging my teenage sisters to ‘Cover your legs dear’ as they sat on her couch in short skirts with crossed legs.

‘Aren’t you cold?’ she would say, amazed at the amount of flesh being revealed.

Then, my mother’s exasperated cry ‘Have you left your school jumper behind at school again?!’ impressed on me to never be the same with my children.

Yet sure enough, as time went by, and children and now grand-children have come and grown, the same sorts of comments exude from our mouths. ‘Don’t forget to take a jumper’; ‘Please, please, remember to tighten the top on your water bottle lid before you bring it home in your school bag!’ ‘Did you take your library book back to school?’

All exhortations made with the best of motives, but mostly a bit ‘naggy’ in the delivery.

So, at the risk of sounding like my grand mother and perhaps reminding you of a painful child memory, we say ‘Don’t Forget The Pockets’, which is Library Tip #5.

Multi-disc and talking book folder Models PHC-20, 1110, 1310, 1304, 1449, 1800, A5-R10 and A5-R20 all use double sided pockets to hold the discs. It surprises us how often orders are placed for these multi-disc presentation folders but the pockets (Model CD-010) are not included. Because the pockets come in packets of 100, it’s easy to reckon you’ll have enough on hand, but our experience prompts us to say –  ‘Don’t Forget the Pockets!’. At only $22.25 +GST for a packet of 100, the cost is minimal. 

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Options for Placing an Order

Library Hint #7

We love to chat with our customers on the phone, so always feel welcome to phone us on 08 9249 4111 or 1800 818 166 if you want advice or to place an order verbally

Or you can email us on [email protected] with your purchase details as an attachment or simply list product model numbers and quantities required in the body of an email. Don’t forget to quote your Purchase Order number if we need to show the number on the invoice  

Or, complete the Order Form at the back of the latest Catalogue Edition 16 and either a) scan and send as an email attachment to [email protected], or b) fax a copy to 08 92494944

Let us carry your load

If you want prices, again we love to chat and answer your questions with no obligation if you phone us. Check out ‘Price List for Libraries’ at

Or email us with model numbers or the product description  and your desired quantities and we’ll get back promptly

We don’t use a Cart Ordering facility on our website as many libraries need to send us an official Purchase Order document by fax or email attachment.

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Australian Libraries Like New PHC-20 Polypropylene Multi-disc Case

The Australian Summer is hot – particularly here in Perth where we have had a record-breaking and exhausting long hot spell of weather 


So using imagery that unnecessarily reminds people of the heat is probably not good customer interaction and marketing! We’d planned to use a headline like ‘Hot New Folder’ or ‘Australian Libraries Warm to New Case’ or ‘Sizzling Response to SoundPack Solutions New Polypropylene Disc Folder’  

Instead we went for the simple headline above.

Like our friends below, the PHC-20 is not the sleekest or most visually appealing we’ve produced. But it does its job brilliantly. It’s hardy in all conditions, particularly heat, is tough and durable, and can handle any situation! Storing from 6 to 20 discs in double sided pockets (Model CD-010, available in packs of 100 pockets per packet), the PHC-20 is fast becoming the ‘cool-cat’ of Talking Book & Audio Book storage and CD and DVD presentation and storage

Libraries in every Australian Capital city have received a sample, as have country libraries. Want more information or prices?


Simply email [email protected], or go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website, and fill in the Contact Email details. We’ll answer your query and send a Price List to you by return.

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1st Ever SoundPack Bulk Discount Sale

DVD Slimline DVD Case – Clear
With clear full wrap-around sleeve for printed insert

Quantity 5000+ – $0.25 (including Free Freight in Australia)
Quantity 1000- 4999 – $0.30
Quantity 200- 999 – $0.42
Quantity 100- 199 – $0.48

We have never before had a Discount Sale of a product line but we’ve been left with a large quantity of Model DVD Slim Single DVD cases, and need to reduce our stock. This is unique!

But how do we let everyone know without a manipulative sales pitch? There’s no ‘But wait there’s more!’; no ‘Buy one now for 5 easy payments and get another one absolutely free!’ Just a simple offer, made in the hope that DVD Slim single DVD case users might get a bargain and we move some stock.

Let us know if we can help!

Prices are Plus GST
Freight additional for all quantities except 5000+
For a freight quote, email [email protected] or phone 08 9249 4111

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How Many CDs Fit In An A4-CD Folder?

Library Hint #6

Storing A4 text or notes, or an A4 book with discs can be problematic. So how many CDs can be stored in an A4-CD folder?

The defining factor is the depth of the CD case that is stored in the LH side well of the folder. A standard 10.4 mm thickness of case fits well – as it is designed to do.

10.4 mm cases hold 1, 2, & 3 CDs, so you can easily store up to 3 CDs with A4 material in an A4-CD presentation folder.


But if your A4book or text is less than 15mm thick, you can also store 4 CDs in our 4-up CD case CD-005 (Fat). The 4-up CD case will protrude over the LH side well, but will be quite safe & secure if its not hard up against the book or notes in the RH side. 

Want some more input? Phone us on 1800 818 166 or email [email protected]

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A5-R10 and A5-R20 Almost Identical, But With a Difference

Hint #4

A5-R10 and A5-R20 multi disc folders both hold A5 text, A5 book or printed material and have the same outer dimensions.

So what’s the difference? A5-R10 has a smaller ring binder capable of holding 1 to 10 discs; A5-R20 has a larger ring binder capable of holding up to 20 discs.

  A5-R10 – holds an A5 book on inside LHS & up to 10 discs on double sided pockets (Model CD-010 – order separately) on its smaller ring binder. Note the smaller ring binder than on the A5-R20 photo below

 A5-R20 – also holds up to 20 discs on its larger ring binder. Again double sided pockets (Model CD-010 – order separately) give the flexibility to store the number of discs you want, and an A5 book fits snugly and securely on the inside LHS.

For the presentation of discs, many of our non-library clients use these multi-disc folders for a classy looking package to include varying numbers of discs with A5 training material. The advantage is that the same printed outer slick fits both A5-R10 and A5-R20. Numbers of discs may vary for each training set, but printing costs of training books/material and outer slicks are reduced.   

If you have never used these folders, why not consider them for awkward storage when an A5 book and multiple discs are needed.

For more detail, a sample or suggestions, contact [email protected] or phone 1800 818 155

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Kombi Vans, Caves Road and Cassettes

Millions are grieving this week that car maker Volkswagen has discontinued manufacture of parts for the Kombi Van.

The icon of 1960 and 1970s motoring has held a place in the hearts of millions who loved their unique style, ground breaking flexibility and easy use. Sometimes cantankerous and mechanically challenged, nevertheless Kombi Vans are remembered with fondness worldwide.

In a recent radio program, listeners tweeted, texted and phoned through their Kombi memories, including

–          A now middle aged member of a family of 6 fondly remembered holiday adventures when the whole family would go on holiday in their Kombi Van

–          A parent who proudly declared their first child was conceived in a Kombi

–          A present owner who loves his iconic orange vehicle so much he cannot bear to part with it

–          Someone who mentioned the ‘Caves Road Salute’ – apparently a generations-old wave to the driver of any Kombi Van (popular with the Margaret River surfing community) from a passerby on Caves Road in WA’s South West

A sad demise but no doubt we’ll still see Kombis ‘waddling’ their way along our roads, and we’ll salute – or at least acknowledge –one of the most revolutionary vehicles of all time; a van that opened up a world of possibilities to its generation and since.

‘But what’s all this got to do with cassettes?’ you may ask.

Well, the iconic audio cassette is much like the Kombi Van – a revolution which changed our lives when first launched, still usable today, though not manufactured now, even outdated and superseded. But also much loved and still preferred by some library audio book borrowers.

The audio cassette, like the Kombi, opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Vision impaired people were the first to avail themselves of books read on audio cassettes (audio books or talking books). But soon audio book titles became available to all library borrowers, and the cassette was seen everywhere. Also sometimes cantankerous and likely to get wound too tight if not treated lovingly, the audio cassette seemed likely to stay forever.

But soon, it too became replaced by the faster and higher tech CD, which in turn became superseded.

Did you know that audio cassette talking books are still used quite extensively?

Here’s the reason for the Blog! A library in WA’s South West has a very popular Tim Winton 17 cassette title in a 17up folder which has finally fallen to pieces. Some borrowers still prefer audio cassettes (perhaps Kombi drivers?) and the library asked us for a replacement 17up multi cassette folder. Unfortunately we don’t have any left in stock.

Does any Australian library have unused 17up folders (or a combination of folders to store 17 cassettes) sitting in a cupboard that they will donate to this library? If so, contact Jeff at SoundPack on [email protected] or go to our Contacts Page, fill in your details and type ’17up Cassette Folder’ under ‘Products of Interest’ and we’ll be in touch to give the Kombi – sorry, audio cassette folder – a new loving home!

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Eco-friendly packaging

SoundPack dispatches orders with new eco-friendly packagingDavid McLeod using new packing filler

Some time ago, we decided to attempt to cut down on the quantity of paper and cardboard we disposed of in bins. A decision to shred suitable material and use for packing to fill cartons for small quantities that didn’t fill a carton, has produced amazing results, undreamt of in the initiation.

We’ve been surprised at how well the shredded material has seemed to work, and also been amazed at how much packing material we produce just by shredding everything we can. It’s been a good exercise and an amazing lesson!

If you receive any of this material in the packing of your order, we trust you like what we’re doing and encourage comments you may have – positive or negative. 

One library uses the packing material to fill dolls and small toys that children make in their weekly Kids Corner time. Do you have a story? We’d love to hear it.

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New PHC-20 Folders in South West WA

New PHC-20 hardy, sturdy polypropylene multi disc folder, holding 4-20 discs, is being introduced to the South West of Western Australia this coming week by SoundPack Solutions’ Jeff and Denise Baldock.

Libraries (Public, TAFE and University) in the beautiful south west will each receive a sample PHC-20 folder. Then, after calling on library clients, Jeff and Denise will in turn partake of their own samples – world-renowned wines; chocolate; cheese; award winning food. That seems like a fair trade of samples – and someone has to do it!!

And we’ll make sure no wine or chocolate gets spilled on the PHC-20 samples, because they are a thing of beauty in their own right.

Model PHC-20 is the latest edition to the range of multi disc folders. It’s fast becoming very popular with libraries because it can withstand the rigours of library use, so is being recognised as very good value for money. 

October 18, 2012 in Blog

Seth Godin Loves His Books

I started to watch a video @soundpack, where Seth Godin was being interviewed about his new book by @WarrenWhitlock. Check it out

The interview, mainly about ‘Grit’, was conducted in Godin’s office with a bookshelf full of books behind them. When asked about his books, Godin said ‘A book is a reminder of an idea. I look at a book and I remember the idea. Who knows where it is on my harddrive?’

For visual people, a visible medium like a hardcopy book is often a tangible experience not to be discounted in a world besotted with technology

What do you think?

October 16, 2012 in Blog

Thick or Thin; All Are Equal in A Librarian’s Sight

Hint #3

What’s the ideal thickness for a DVD case? Some cases, like our standard DVD case Model DVD-001, are 14mm in the spine; some are 7mm slim like our Model DVD-SLIM; some – holding larger quantities of discs – are 25mm deep, like DVD-008

Which size is best? The answer is that all have their place in a library – whichever suits your situation best will be the one you love for now!

DVD cases are like children! If you’re a parent, all your children are equally lovely and cherished. But at various times, you know one child needs more attention than the others. So it is with DVD cases. But they each have their place (whew – that’s waxing rather too lyrically for a simple DVD case – oh well – I trust you get the idea!?)

7mm Slim cases are perfect for libraries who want to save space. But 14mm standard DVD cases are better for libraries who want their cases to ‘stand on their own’. And then, if holding 6,7,8,9 or 10 DVDs is the major issue, a 25mm case will be what suits best.

Recently, a TAFE librarian in SA asked about the difference during a visit by SoundPack’s Jeff Baldock. ‘I want a DVD case that will not fall over when it stands on its edge. But what is the measurement I need?’

Well, 7mm Slim DVD cases are too narrow to stand up on edge. But they are extremely popular with Public Libraries, especially those who have lots of titles and for whom space is the major issue. 14mm Standard DVD cases (clear or black) are suited to the TAFE SA Acquisitions person who wanted a case that took a standard printed insert, while standing on edge in shelving and display.

Similarly, some of our DVD cases – like Model DVD-006SA and DVD-006B can hold 6 discs in a 14mm case, but these are not as hardy as Models DVD-006.

Here’s a list of spine sizes and some of our DVD cases

14mm; DVD-001, DVD-002, DVD-003, DVD-004 DVD-005SB, DVD-006SA, DVD-006SB

7mm; DVD-SLIM, DVD SLIM Double

25mm: DVD-005, DVD-006, DVD-007, DVD-008, DVD-009, DVD-010

See them all at

If you have questions about storage problems for discs (single, double, triple, quad, 5up, 6up DVD cases or audio book folders), please drop us an email [email protected] and we’ll answer your question personally, as well as probably blog our answer in case someone else is helped.

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How To Find A Price

Library Hint #2

Perhaps you’ve found a CD, DVD, Blu-ray or multi-disc case that will solve your disc or audio book packaging problem. Here are 3 ways you can find a price

1. If you’re a library, go to ‘Downloads/Price Lists for Libraries’ on this website to find a copy of our current Price List. Discounts are shown for larger purchases, but you can buy any quantity to suit your specific need

2. If you’re a CD/DVD duplicator, muso, home disc collector, a church, or perhaps a school – whatever the need for single, double, triple or quad Blu-ray, CD or DVD cases, or even storage for up to 26 discs – then contact us on 61 8 9249 4111 or email [email protected]. Generous Price discounts are available for quantity!

3. Need a quote to include freight? Each freight or postage price is dependent on size, weight and, of course, the destination. Simply email us the product and quantity you need and we can give you an accurate price for your whole order including freight. If your order is not too heavy or large, it may be more economical to send by post, using our special Australia Post rates. Or we’ll send anywhere in Australia by Road Express with Star Track, using their satellite Tracking System.

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Broken CD case outers are easily replaced

Library Hint #1

The old CD case, first designed by Philips many years ago, has proved a perennially difficult storage medium for libraries. The outer trays are brittle and not designed for hard wear & tear. A heavy book dropped in an After Hours Chute will be too much for the feeble CD case outer.

If you have CD cases with broken or shattered outer cases, why not try our Polypropylene Model CD-017? With its soft durable material (same as a DVD case) you can replace the outer casing only and clip the existing CD tray with its disc in the new outer housing – save some dollars & make your CD more durable

Or, if you prefer to buy the whole case, CD-016 (single CD case in clear polypropylene) or CD-019 (double CD case in clear PP) are readily available and are increasingly popular with libraries throughout Australia

October 3, 2012 in Blog, Disc Packaging Solutions

Library Clients in Sydney – New Catalogue Visit

From Monday 3rd Sept 2012 to Friday 7th Sept 2012, SoundPack Solutions General Manager, Jamie Baldock, will be visiting libraries in Sydney – primarily in southern suburbs.

With the recent release of Catalogue Edition 16, showing new product lines PHC-20 multi-disc case, Blu-ray triple & quad cases, and our full range of DVD, Blu-ray, CD and cases to hold varying quantities of discs, we’re overdue to visit, say hello, answer any questions, and drop of a copy of the Catalogue.

Look out for a tall (6’4″), good looking man with  samples of Model PHC-20 folder and your copy of our Catalogue!

September 5, 2012 in Blog

Campbelltown SA Library A Winner

Last week, we visited Campbelltown SA Library to deliver our latest Catalogue of DVD cases, audio book cases and CD cases. What an excellent library!

The new redevelopment includes a library area which is fresh and new, and a number of small utility rooms. One room was catering for a group meeting of older residents; pre-school age kids and mums met in a reading or music play session; a large quantity of computers seemed to be fully utilised in a dedicated area; while a training session ran in another room. And parking was at a premium – always a good sign.

Congratulations to all those involved in reviving a suburban library into a vibrant centre that residents obviously like to frequent. Check it out at

August 21, 2012 in Blog

Product Catalogues to Adelaide Libraries

SA Libraries in the Greater Adelaide area – from Brighton & Glenelg in the west; to Murray Bridge & Tailem Bend in the east; to Goolwa & Victor Harbor in the south; to Gawler & Elizabeth in the north – will receive the new Edition 16 of SoundPack Solutions Product Catalogue from Monday 6th August. Jeff Baldock returns to his home city to personally deliver catalogues and say ‘Hello’ to library customers. If you’d like to check what time Jeff plans to be in your area, phone 0411 511 685. If you’d prefer a PDF of the Catalogue, obtain a copy at

August 1, 2012 in Blog

SA Libraries One Card Network

Congratulations to SA Libraries. Now SA public library users can borrow audio books, DVDs & books using the ‘One Card’ network which connects the systems of more than 130 public libraries across South Australia, allowing users to borrow and return items wherever they go, simply using their current library card.

June 29, 2012 in Blog

The Best Loyalty Program

For years we’ve personally been involved with various Loyalty Programs seeking to retain our business by ostensibly rewarding us for ongoing loyalty. The most notable program has been Qantas whose rewards have steadily reduced over the years. Then today, I received a pompous email from Woolworths informing me I’d saved $2.00 in the last 3 months in petrol – probably less than the cost of driving specifically to their service station to gain the discount.

Over many long years in business we’ve been convinced we will retain customers loyalty if our products are great; price is reasonable, and we show we want to do more than sell ‘stuff’, but want to build relationships & meet needs.

Here’s a great article if you want to read more on the subject

If you’d like to comment on our service – positive or negative – simply email [email protected] or give us a call on Freecall 1800 818 165

June 13, 2012 in Blog

An Old Trucking Yarn

Recently, several cartons of CD cases and audio book storage folders went missing in-transit when our freight company of many years suddenly went into liquidation. The ramifications seemed small, but after two weeks of hassle, we finally managed to have the cartons of CD & DVD cases delivered to customers in South Australia, Victoria & NSW.

In between cries of frustration (ever dealt with a liquidator?!), we often found ourselves laughing rather than crying and were reminded of an old yarn

Here is it. Hope you like it – it’s an oldie but we reckon it’s still a goodie!

We’re the Hellarwee
David Livingstone was a late 18th Century English explorer who ventured into the deepest unknown parts of Africa. He discovered many new peoples, tribes and cultures. Perhaps the most surprising of them all was a group of people unknown even to neighbouring tribes.

It seems these people were extremely small (in ancient literature, people of this small stature were known as pygmies) and they lived in the deep, thick jungle of Central Africa. They had never seen another human being from outside their tribe because they couldn’t see through the thick foliage & jungle that enveloped them. They just wandered around endlessly and aimlessly, going about their business in complete isolation from the outside world.

Livingstone only discovered them because he heard their distant cry, almost like a war cry. From deep within the jungle they shouted

We’re the Hellarwee! We’re the Hellarwee!
Where the Hell are we?!
Where the Hell are we?!

Livingstone pushed through the pampas grass and the Hellarwee tribe became on one the great discoveries of his African journeys.

There are other versions of this story which name the tribe as the Fukarwee tribe, but our history research proves this is a more coarse version promulgated by scholars of lower quality and education.

All this to tell you that, as we struggled to firstly find our missing cartons then fought the Liquidators to have our property released, several times we were heard to shout

We’re the Hellarthay!
We’re the Hellarthay! – which tribe we believe may be related to the Hellarwee tribe.

June 8, 2012 in Blog


Containers of new stock are arriving soon; we’re overstocked and have a shortage of space! (This is true – not a Carpet sales pitch!)

Here’s a great bargain if you use these Slim DVD cases. They come in cartons of 100, and minmum purchase is 1 carton of 100

100-900 – $0.30 each + GST + freight

1000 + – $0.25 each + GST + freight

‘But wait there’s more!’ Oh no, sorry – there’s not! But ‘Get in fast while stocks last!’

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Follow us on Twitter @soundpack

To get helpful hints and tips on library packaging, why not Follow us on Twitter – @soundpack!/soundpack

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Audio Cassette Multi-cassette folders – FREE

To clear space in our warehouse for more Multi-disc folders & DVD cases (holding 1 disc through to 10 discs) we’re disposing of our remaining stock of Audio Cassette multi-cassette folders. Various sizes, configurations and quantities. FREE to a good home! To find out more phone 61 8 9249 4111 or email [email protected] . Your only cost will be some freight or postage.

February 13, 2012 in Blog

Rain,rain has gone away – we hope!

Been visiting Nthn NSW libraries (Public, TAFE & Uni) since last Wed 1st Feb, and it’s been bucketing down! But the welcome has been warm at Gosford, Wyong, Pt Stephens, Pt Macquarie and Foster. Unfortunately, we (Jeff & Denise Baldock) couldn’t get into Taree because of flooding, but have arrived in Coffs Harbour and the sun is shining beautifully – and. thankfully, the sun hasn’t been as hot as Perth at this stage.

Off to Grafton, then Armidale tomorrow (Monday 6th), and on Tuesday hope to get through Tamworth (floods permitting), then down New England Hwy to Maitland.

Hope to catch you if we’re in your town. Please let us know if you want a new catalogue or a visit from us – wherever you are.

February 5, 2012 in Blog

Mitcham Library recycle the recycled

Lainie Strempel from Mitcham Library in beautiful downtown Kingswood SA, reports that staff at her library love the packing material we send them in our cartons. The ‘stuff” which we make by shredding paper, cardboard, and various bits of packing would previously have been dumped, but now makes excellent packing for orders.  

This packing is then used by Mitcham Library library staff for children to fill/stuff puppets at playtime in the library.

‘And the beat goes on….!’ As was blogged previously, a simple thought process, followed by a simple action from us has produced flow-on impact and positive feedback from libraries throughout Australia.

If you have any thoughts or examples like Lainie’s, please let us know on Twitter @soundpack, or email [email protected]

January 23, 2012 in Blog

Welcome to our new website!

Supplier of the largest range in Australia of multi-disc, audio book and multimedia packaging, DVD, CD & Blu-ray disc cases, and high quality presentation and storage folders and cases.

Based in Perth Western Australia, and serving clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and country areas throughout Australia, SoundPack Solutions disc storage solutions offer:

  • Strong, durable materials
  • Quality range manufactured in Australia and sourced from around the world
  • Consistent supply of stock
  • Unique range of storage options for libraries
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