How Many CDs Fit In An A4-CD Folder?

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Library Hint #6

Storing A4 text or notes, or an A4 book with discs can be problematic. So how many CDs can be stored in an A4-CD folder?

The defining factor is the depth of the CD case that is stored in the LH side well of the folder. A standard 10.4 mm thickness of case fits well – as it is designed to do.

10.4 mm cases hold 1, 2, & 3 CDs, so you can easily store up to 3 CDs with A4 material in an A4-CD presentation folder.


But if your A4book or text is less than 15mm thick, you can also store 4 CDs in our 4-up CD case CD-005 (Fat). The 4-up CD case will protrude over the LH side well, but will be quite safe & secure if its not hard up against the book or notes in the RH side. 

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