Blu-ray Cases – The First Instinct is Usually Correct!

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Football coaches preach it! Business coaches say ‘Pursue your gut feel’. Famous poet & thinker Alan Ginsberg said ‘First thought; best thought’.

Football coaches know that if you second-guess yourself in the spilt second available to make a decision, invariably you’ll make a poor decision that will cost you and your team.

Business coaches advise that, if we have a gut feeling about something that is core to our business – particularly regarding new product or business direction – it’s best to move and change as we go along. Proactivity is better for initiation than procrastination

Alan Ginsberg was a radical of the 1960 ‘Beat Group’ in New York. He is famous for his adage that ‘First Thought; Best Thought’ better facilitated creative thought processes and writing, and was not bound by editing and ‘correctness’.

What’s that got to do with Blu-ray Cases? Well may you ask!

In the latter stages of our previous CD & DVD duplication business – just before we sold and changed our name to SoundPack Solutions to concentrate on packaging – Sony and other major disc manufacturers were spending millions on development of new technology for discs. Sony plumped for Blu-ray while a Toshiba conglomerate pursued HD DVD technology. In a battle remarkedly like the old VHS video versus Beta video tug of war, Sony’s Blu-ray triumphed.

But our first instinct  was that all that money spent would be ultimately and unfortunate – a modern version of the guy who continued to sell improved horse carriages while Henry Ford was introducing his T-Model Ford! We moved away from duplicating discs to provide packaging, expecting we would not need Blu-ray cases! 

But then a few libraries asked for Blu-ray Cases and we weakened . Now, we’ve realised that our first gut feeling was correct. So we’re discontinuing our Blu-ray case range (BR-001 single case; BR-002 double case; BR-003 triple case and BR-004 quad case) once stock is sold. You can now buy at ‘Special Prices’  but HURRY WHILE STOCKS LAST   

BR-001 Single – Qty 1-99 – $0.85; Qty 100+ $0.70

BR-002 Double – Qty 1-99 – $1.10; Qty 100+ $0.90

BR-003 Triple – SOLD OUT

BR-004 Quad – SOLD OUT

Prices are Plus GST & Freight       

To place an order, email [email protected] or phone us on 1800 818 133 and we’ll let you know if we still have stock….. but don’t think about it for too long!


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